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Ricky Whiting

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If you’re tired of reviewing extensive, flashy reports without seeing results in your bank account, your current agency may be making mistakes.

Great strategies can fail due to poor execution and a lack of consistency.

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Ricky Whiting and his expert team, specialise exclusively in long-tail SEO. We can deliver improved results that directly impact the growth of your website’s conversion rate.

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Content Marketing

Unlocking Your Brand’s Potential Through Strategic Content.

Deep SEO Audit

Uncover Hidden Opportunities with Our Deep SEO Audit

An Easy, Yet Powerful SEO Ranking Method

We specialize exclusively in long-tail SEO, delivering superior results and directly contributing to growth.

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    Data & Brainstorming

    We utilize advanced cloud-based software to track progress and share it with you.

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    Crawling & Indexing

    We employ advanced cloud-based software to monitor progress and share it with you.

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    We utilize advanced cloud-based software to monitor progress and share it with you.

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All our services are budget-friendly, tailored for robust growth, and our strategies have been proven through thousands of projects.

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We exclusively specialize in long-tail SEO. Through this approach, we can deliver superior results and directly impact the growth of your website’s conversion rate.

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We create targeted SEO strategies to maximize your website’s online exposure and results.

Enterprise Adviser

Did you know I'm a dedicated Enterprise Adviser serving the East and West Sussex communities.

My mission is to bridge the gap between education and the world of work, helping young people navigate their future career paths with confidence and clarity. Here’s a little more about what I do and the schools I’ve partnered with to make a difference.

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    Advising on Career Strategies:

    Helping schools develop effective career programs that align with local labor market needs.

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    Connecting with Employers:

    Building strong links between schools and local businesses to provide students with valuable work experience opportunities.

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    Mentoring and Guidance:

    Offering one-on-one mentorship to students, guiding them through career choices and helping them develop essential skills.

Schools and Colleges

Empowering Success Together

What Customers Are Saying About Our Services.

Discover firsthand experiences and testimonials from satisfied customers who have benefited from our expert consulting & Education services.

Clients Testimonials

“Hello Ricky,

Thank you so much for giving up your time this afternoon to come and talk to the students. They took on board your key messages and top tips, which featured heavily in their ‘Take away’ messages at the end of the day, particularly the ones based on time being valuable and “just get on and do it!” – I love that message which is so relatable to all aspects of their lives, not just work and education.

I think you definitely gave them food for thought with regards to them taking action, getting on, finding out for themselves and making something happen without someone else telling them what to do – just what we want for independent, creative thinkers.

If you don’t mind I will keep your contact details and get in touch next academic year when we run more career events?

thank you for putting me in contact with Ricky! “

Rebecca Adams

Director of Progression(CE); Head of Education & Childcare The College of Richard Collyer

Why Our Customers Love Us

All our services are budget-friendly yet geared for rapid growth, and our strategies have been proven through thousands of projects.

Ethan T
Real Estate Agent


‘’In the competitive real estate market, visibility is everything. Their SEO Marketing services have revolutionized how my listings are seen online, resulting in more leads and closed deals. The team’s approach to local SEO has made a significant impact on my business, making me the go-to agent in my area. Their professionalism and results-driven strategy have exceeded my expectations.’’

E-commerce Store Owner


‘’After integrating their SEO Marketing services, my online store has seen a dramatic increase in organic traffic and sales. The team’s expertise in keyword optimization and content strategy has placed us above our competitors on search engine results pages. Their personalized approach and dedication to our success have made all the difference. Highly recommend!’’

Samantha K
Freelance Photographer


‘’As a freelancer, standing out online is crucial. Their SEO services have not only improved my website’s visibility but have also significantly boosted inquiries and bookings. The detailed monthly reports help me see exactly where I’m growing, and their customer service is always responsive and helpful. Truly a game-changer for my business.’’

Liam G
Tech Startup Founder


‘’Our startup was struggling to gain visibility in a highly competitive market. Since partnering with this SEO Marketing team, we’ve climbed the ranks in search results and seen a substantial increase in website traffic and leads. Their strategic planning and execution have been pivotal in our growth. Their services are a worthy investment for any business looking to scale.

Charlotte D
Boutique Bakery Owner


‘’Our boutique bakery’s online presence has flourished beyond belief since we started using these SEO Marketing services. Before, we were a hidden gem in a crowded market, but now we’re a top result for anyone craving artisanal baked goods in our area. The team’s expertise in local SEO and content marketing has not only increased our web traffic but also foot traffic to our shop. Their personalised service feels like we have our own in-house SEO team.

Derek W
Fitness Coach


‘’I’ve always relied on word-of-mouth to grow my coaching business, but knew I was missing a huge online audience. Since working with this SEO team, my site has skyrocketed to the top of search results for fitness coaching. Their strategic advice on blog content and social media integration has been invaluable, turning my website into a lead generation machine. I’m now reaching more clients than ever before.’’

Maria E
Health and Wellness Blogger


‘’I was passionate about sharing my health tips but frustrated with the lack of readership. Their SEO services have transformed my blog from a hobby into a thriving community with exponential growth in readership and engagement. Their team is knowledgeable, friendly, and genuinely invested in my blog’s success. I’m so grateful for their support and expertise.”’’

Angela F
Non-Profit Organisation Director


‘’For our non-profit, reaching the right audience is crucial but challenging. The SEO Marketing services provided have been a revelation, improving our visibility and engagement with potential donors and volunteers. Their understanding of SEO and commitment to our cause has helped us spread our message further, resulting in increased support and donations. It’s more than a service; it’s a partnership for growth’’

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